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Personal Injury Lawyer

In personal injury law, car accidents, premises liability, slip, trip, and fall accidents, and more, our attorneys have helped shape laws varying from the simplest to the most complex. The Featured USA Lawyers have a reputation for excellence, and defendants and their insurance companies often choose settlement over trial.

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Why Hire Us?

Having handled successful injury claims for decades, our personal injury lawyers are experienced and skilled. As a result of your injuries, you deserve the compensation you deserve. Unless we win your case, there is no charge to you.

What Makes Us Different

● No fee will be charged unless we win
● Client satisfaction and trial success are the foundation of our business
● You will receive a free review of your personal injury claim
● Our combined experience in the legal field exceeds 10+ years

A summary of some of the various accident cases that handle at The Featured USA Lawyers, is provided below.

Car Accidents

Large cities like New York are constantly at risk of car accidents. Distracted driving was a major contributing factor in many of these collisions.

With years of knowledge handling complex car accident cases, our personal injury attorneys at The Featured USA Lawyers, are qualified to take on your case. Getting a settlement or award for your crash injuries is important to us because we understand how devastating can be for families.

Pedestrian Accidents

On the state’s roads, there are more over 300 pedestrian fatalities and 15,000 injuries per year. Devastating traumas include traumatic brain damage, spinal injury, fractured bones, & wrongful death affect many more of them. Both cars and pedestrians must pay attention and abide by the rules to avoid harm.
Have you lately gone to Featured USA Lawyers and also been struck by a car while walking? If so, The Featured USA Lawyers’ accident attorney will assist you. , may be available to assist you in making a claim for damages for your medical expenses and other out-of-pocket costs. For a scheduled appointment, get in touch with us today.

Premises Liability

The responsibility for maintaining a safe property rests with property owners. A premises liability claim lets you seek compensation for damages from another party when you are wounded on their property due to negligence. Damages such as medical bills, lost income, and hurt and suffering may be covered by a premises liability claim.

Throughout its history, Featured USA Lawyers has helped thousands of people recover from injuries sustained in premises liability accidents. Our goal is to make sure you receive the outcome you deserve in this challenging and hard time in life.

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Trip and Fall

It is common for property owners and managers to fail to handle floor hazards promptly, resulting in trip and fall injuries. While store remodeling, debris can be left behind, stairs or sidewalks may be uneven, and electrical cords may be exposed. Traumatic brain injuries and broken bones can be sustained when victims fall.
lost wages, Medical expenses, and additional damages should not be your responsibility when someone else’s negligence leaves you injured. Our Featured NYC Injury Lawyers firm can help you file a personal injury claim if you have been hurt in a trip and fall.

Truck Accidents

Because trucks are so enormous and heavy, most truck accidents are especially catastrophic. When a truck and a car collide, the occupants in the smaller car are frequently the people who suffer the repercussions. Even if the tragedy is not deadly, the damage you sustain might influence your life completely.

For years, The Featured USA lawyers have fought for truck accident victims, and we will never compromise with anything less than you need to help your recovery.

Wrongful Death

Have somebody you care about died as a result of the irresponsibility or recklessness of some other party? The wrongful death case might entitle anyone to reimbursement. Although payment cannot substitute for your dear one, it may make the mourning process easier and give your family the financial stability and settlement that they deserve.

Contact our featured Queens personal injury Lawyer to learn how we can assist you during this terrible time. We can assist you regardless of the cause of death, whether it was a car accident, a trip, and fall, or a work safety issue.


The service and professionalism displayed from the get go, along with the patience and courtesy shown by them throughout the journey.
— Santos Ford
Thanks to you and the team on a job professionally done. In my twilight years I still have no reason to change.
— Wanda Wymer

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